Custom-Made Products┆

The wishes of our customers are particularly important to us. That's why it's always nice to commission an individual project. With our all-round range of design and production, we can put ideas into practice reliably, sustainably and quickly. Whether it's a small mini stamp or a whole series of stamps, an illustration or a logo design, feel free to contact us!

We develop and design high-quality paper and stationery products, and all items are made exclusively in Germany, also for the sake of the environment. In addition to creative solutions in the production of special stationery and unusual printed matter - our work focuses on the production of stamps made of wood or self-inking stamps.

If you would like to have a certain motif made as a stamp or an already finished stamp in a different size, send us an inquiry using our contact form. It is helpful for us to provide information about the type of stamp (whether Motif stamp with recessed grip (including sticker), wooden stamp with handle or self-inking stamp), which size you need and whether you also want to use the stamp commercially.

The production time of our stamps is usually 48 hours, with a high order situation (e.g. during the Christmas season or during the start of school) a maximum of 10 days. The implementation of an illustration for stamp production according to your wishes takes about 5-7 days depending on the complexity of the motif.

After you have placed your order, you will receive your personal document with our drafts and only if you are completely satisfied will the drafting be completed for us and we will proceed to manufacture. You can send us your correction requests in writing or in a personal conversation. We are glad to be here for you! After your draft has been approved, we produce your order and dispatch your order as quickly as possible. One more note: If you would like to order matching stamp pads - you are welcome to inquire about them, stamp accessories are an integral part of our range.

The same applies when ordering the individual stamps available in the shop - for which we have already prepared the design. The following also applies to these wish stamps: We are satisfied when you areッ

„Stempel sind eine sehr umweltfreundliche und nachhaltige Möglichkeit Verpackungen, Sticker & Schriftstücke aller Art schnell und unkompliziert zu verzieren.“

Die unterschiedlichen Stempelrohlinge ┆


Motivstempelhölzer sind rechteckige Holzstücke mit abgerundeten Kanten und zwei Griffmulden an den Seiten. Ein Aufkleber zeigt das Stempelmotiv auf der Oberseite und erleichtert den schnellen Wechsel der zu stempelnden Motive.

Holzstempel mit Griff

Holzstempel mit Griff bestehen aus einem Stempelkörper und einem vormontierten Griff an der Oberseite. Sie sind der Klassiker unter den Stempeln! Mit dem passenden Stempelkissen werden Abdrücke schnell und handschonend ausgeführt.


Selbstfärbestempel oder auch Selbstfärber besitzen ein integriertes Stempelkissen und geben bereits beim Stempelabdruck ganz automatisch Farbe auf den Untergrund ab. Die platz- und zeitsparende Version des Stempels.


Logoentwurf & CI inklusive Stempel